Color codes

Find out which colors have been supplied in a year

CodeYears of productionType
AR501from 1968 to 1971Solid
AR530from 1988 to 1989Solid
AR130from 1989Solid
AR602from 1972 to 1975Metallic
AR681from 1989 to 1990Metallic
AR767from 1985 to 1986Metallic
114from 1998Solid
AR362from 1981 to 1983Metallic
AR371from 1985 to 1987Metallic
693from 2000Metallic
414from 1997Metallic
AR938from 1989Solid
AR852from 1985 to 1986Metallic
AR147from 1976 to 1977Metallic
AR270from 1988 to 1992Metallic
AR205from 1994Metallic
AR023from 1985 to 1987Solid
AR025from 1987 to 1988Solid
212from 2003Solid
212from 2003Metallic
201from 1997 to 2000Solid
AR905from 1984Solid
AR901from 1985 to 1986Solid
AR632from 1992Metallic
AR492from 1995Metallic
AR473from 1994Metallic
895from 2000Metallic
245from 2004Metallic
719Afrom 2003Metallic
428from 1997 to 2000Metallic
AR342from 1997Metallic
499from 1997Metallic
743from 2000Metallic
442from 2002Metallic
782Afrom 2003Metallic
472from 1998Metallic
446from 1998Metallic
436from 2000Metallic
254from 2004Metallic
441from 1997Metallic
400from 1998 to 2000Metallic
401from 1998Solid
401from 1998Metallic
AR438from 1988Solid
AR945from 1988 to 1992Metallic
AR380from 1987 to 1988Solid
AR445from 1987 to 1990Metallic
AR378from 1986 to 1988Metallic
AR357from 1976 to 1982Metallic
AR374from 1988 to 1988Solid
AR369from 1985 to 1986Solid
369from 1985 to 1986Solid
AR460from 1994Metallic
AR431from 1992Metallic
AR375from 1985 to 1987Metallic
AR134from 1994Metallic
AR846from 1978 to 1981Solid
AR847from 1982Solid
AR516from 1968 to 1971Solid
AR015from 1972 to 1975Solid
AR015from 1976 to 1982Solid
AR855from 1970 to 1988Metallic
AR843from 1986 to 1987Metallic
AR103from 1968 to 1971Solid
AR343from 1968 to 1973Solid
AR219from 1968 to 1971Solid
AR231from 1972 to 1975Metallic
AR008from 1968 to 1971Solid
258from 2001Solid
135from 1981 to 1983Solid
513from 1998Metallic
AR826from 1972 to 1975Metallic
AR224from 1972 to 1975Metallic
AR637from 1992 to 1993Metallic
AR683from 1989 to 1990Metallic
650from 1997 to 2000Metallic
651from 2003Metallic
837from 1996Metallic
AR765from 1982 to 1985Metallic
AR775from 1987 to 1988Metallic
AR612from 1994Metallic
AR751from 1979 to 1983Metallic
659from 1998Metallic
684Afrom 2003Metallic
AR642from 1992Metallic
680from 2001Metallic
677from 2001Metallic
656from 1998Metallic
AR763from 1982Metallic
AR644from 1992Metallic
689from 2000Metallic
AR649from 1992Metallic
694from 2000Metallic
AR613from 1994Metallic
AR129from 1982 to 1983Solid
AR348from 1972 to 1975Solid
AR835from 1976 to 1977Metallic
AR382from 1989 to 1990Metallic
AR676from 1989Metallic
AR712from 1968 to 1972Metallic
AR748from 1976 to 1982Metallic
235Afrom 2003Metallic
AR543from 1982 to 1985Metallic
AR710from 1982 to 1985Metallic
AR825from 1972 to 1975Metallic
AR509from 1968 to 1977-
740from 2004Metallic
AR349from 1972 to 1975Metallic
AR370from 1985 to 1988Metallic
AR940from 1985 to 1990Metallic
AR776from 1989Metallic
AR728from 1968 to 1971Metallic
AR749from 1976 to 1977Metallic
AR817from 1985Solid
AR909from 1982 to 1987Metallic
AR913from 1983 to 1988Solid
AR601from 1992 to 1997Metallic
601from 1988 to 2000Solid
821from 1998Metallic
846from 2002Metallic
814from 1998 to 2001Metallic
AR743from 1972 to 1975Metallic
AR556from 1988 to 1993Metallic
AR545from 1983 to 1985Metallic
AR463from 1994Metallic
AR216from 1968 to 1971Solid
AR234from 1978 to 1981Solid
AR116from 1972 to 1975Solid
AR501from 1990 to 1990Metallic
AR830from 1972 to 1975Solid
AR355from 1982Solid
AR127from 1976 to 1977Solid
AR119from 1972 to 1975Solid
164from 1996Metallic
AR555from 1986 to 1988Solid
AR534from 1976 to 1977Metallic
AR521from 1972 to 1973Solid
538from 1980Metallic
AR183from 1990 to 1990Metallic
AR547from 1985 to 1986Metallic
AR146from 1991Metallic
AR530from 1982Solid
167from 2002Solid
167from 2002Metallic
AR195from 1993 to 2000Metallic
AR548from 1994 to 1988Solid
AR542from 1982 to 1988Solid
AR179from 1986Metallic
739from 2003Metallic
AR755from 1983Metallic
AR762from 1983 to 1984Metallic
AR536from 1978 to 1981Solid
AR353from 1992Metallic
377from 2000Metallic
302Afrom 1994Metallic
AR302Afrom 1994 to 1999Metallic
331from 1997 to 2000Metallic
373from 1998Metallic
316from 1998Metallic
379from 2002Metallic
AR310from 1994Metallic
AR303from 1994Metallic
AR320from 1994Metallic
320Afrom 1994Metallic
361from 2001Metallic
682from 2000Metallic
AR306from 1993 to 1993Solid
315from 1998Metallic
AR251from 1986 to 1988Metallic
773from 2003Metallic
341from 1998Metallic
341from 1998Metallic
AR235from 1976 to 1977Metallic
378from 2003Metallic
709from 2003Metallic
353from 1997Metallic
AR309from 1994 to 1998Metallic
348from 1995 to 1998Metallic
AR742from 1972 to 1975Solid
AR230from 1989 to 1990Solid
AR210from 1989 to 1990Solid
AR013from 1976 to 1977Solid
AR126from 1976 to 1977Solid